No waiting in lines. This church has such a unique view of how the city of Rome has stood the test of time--one layer built on the next. Also we will be looking for other Rick Steves' tours that meet our needs. This was my first Rick Steve's tour and I was very pleased with it. I also enjoyed strolling through the narrow, winding streets of the older neighborhoods.". This was our 2nd RS tour and it was just as excellent as our 1st in 2016. We learned to see the world differently. Nina was great, knowledgeable and very personable. The best highlight of the visit was the Borghese Museum with all the beautiful marble statues. I have to admit that our group was marvelous. Although I am glad I saw the Colloseum and the Vatican I do not enjoy being herded around like a bunch of cattle, so both of those tours were places I was gad to get overwith. A close second though was the grandeur of St. Peter's Basilica.". I told Ben he was at the top of my list of favorite people that day. Not only wow'd us, but our friends back home.". Perfect balance of group time and personal time. There were multiple people in our group who have been on tours with your group, "Going to Vatican City was my favorite if I had to choose just one event. It did. The provided weekly transit pass and training on how to get around on the Metro and bus system made it easy and cheap to explore on your own. The group was congenial. The Pantheon.The walks were great -Rome has art and history everywhere, the whole town is a museum. I will definitely plan to use Rick Steve's tours again. We had just enough time to explore on our own. Felt like we took in all Rome can offer in a jam packed week. She had great rapport with all the local guides, people at the venues, and the hotel and ensured we got the most out of our time in Rome. I learned more independent travel skills. I had an amazing time in Rome. There were so many! Local expert guides are frequently used as well. What a welcome to an amazing city. "The favorite WOW moment has to be seeing the Coliseum for the first time and walking into the Coliseum thru the gladiators entrance. The tour was a perfect way to be introduced to the many aspects and layers (the lasagna) of Rome. We were fortunate to have Stephanie as our tour guide on a previous tour of Italy in 2016 and were pleased to have her again. All of the people were great including the Italians we met while there. I tried things I probably would not have tried. RS and Ben did not disappoint! a Rick Steve's tour.". around the Colosseum. I wanted to gripe about taking a cab to the Vatican, but then we would have been deprived the experience of getting into an argument with the cabbie overcharging us and the cabbie police getting on his ass. I especially loved our "foodie" tour in Trestevare. I feel there was a great balance of things that we did during the tour. "Basilica San Clement – literally going back in time as we descended the steps. "There were many. I learned so much that I would have otherwise completely missed and/or would have been unaware of. Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Europe and the RS way of traveling for my parents. "The "wow" moment for me was being there to see the pope on Wednesday morning and being at the Vatican that day.". Edited: 5 years ago The best thing is that he is spot on about the prices of getting into the Vatican museum and the Colosseum. And the sight-specific guides may be the best part of this tour. It was a fantastic tour that provided my wife and I with a great introduction to Rome and Italian culture! So fun! But the Borghese was the highlight of my trip. Bernini made exquisite sculptures with attention to many small, intricate details, filled with body action and animated faces projecting the look of being alive. Stacey and Anna were wonderful tour guides and the sights shared with the group were amazing. Local guides were top notch professionals; each having a wealth of knowledge. You should be able to climb stairs with your suitcase and get around town walking on tours for several hours. I loved that they did all the planning and work and all I had to do was show up outside the hotel at the designated time and enjoy our adventure in Rome. Likewise we had spent time in Rome. It was quieting at a higher level It's all excavated and there for us to retrace steps of the ancients. We loved the Hotel Lancelot and the location could not have been better chosen. "Walking into St. Peter's Basilica was unforgettable. This was our first trip to Rome. Walking the Sacred Way was one. Everyday was full of surprises and great experiences. Tonight, we'll have one last dinner together to share travel memories and toast new friends. "My favorite "wow" moment was learning from both Lisa and Francesca (our tour guides) about making a "personal" connection with the history, people and art of ancient Rome. "The first "wow" factor was the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's drawings along with seeing the Pope on screen. This is my second Rick Steves tour and by far it's the best one. The ancient Rome tour, guided by Francesa, would have to be it. Especially liked the owners of Hotel Lancelot. My husband and I loved everything about the tour: the laid-back feeling combined with absolute confidence that all would go well were wonderful. I found the experience both pleasant and educational. This time we asked my parents to join us so they could experience the things we raved about after returning from our honeymoon on the Venice, Florence, Rome tour in march of 2018. The experience was incredible! The Sistine chapel. He, and all the guides throughout were so knowledgeable & fun to be with! Friday at the Borghese Gallery with Francesca was exceptional also. I don't want to spoil any newbies. I also really enjoyed the variety of activities offered, the free time that was allotted each day to explore on our own, the amazing location of our hotel, and the group dinners. It was liberating. I thought there would be more repeaters. Our tour guide was wonderful, our fellow travelers were delightful, the itinerary was the right mix of busy and relaxing and getting to see the holidays through the lense of another culture was priceless. I think we saw the high points of what I wanted to experience. We saw everything described in tour material and more. "I loved the food tour of the Trastevere neighborhood. Visits to the "newer" sites like the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and all the other churches and art museums were also spectacular. I was so excited to be going to Rome- my first trip abroad. and touring the Roman forum.". Francesca made you feel what it would have been like to attend a session as a spectator or participant. The activity scale was also helpful. Having it be a beautiful weather event was a gift too. I love Rome. "My favorite experience was visiting St Clementi church with our tour guide Franchesa. The specialist guides in the museums provided essentially a college level class on art history and appreciation which made it all the more special. I enjoyed my tour very much. All extensions were great with the exception of viewing the graffiti run neighborhood.". The combination of "must see" sites along with "off the beaten path" sites really made the difference. Our guide Rainer, his humor & knowledge of history, made for a fantastic week in Rome! Perfect of attractions mixed with visits to neighborhoods. We enjoyed the company of a wonderful group of people. An outstanding whirl wind tour of Rome; all of the sites visited and presented by Ben were perfect for a 7 day tour. Seeing Pope Francis at the Wed Audience was more than a WOW! Some of the days were hard, even a bit too hard with all the walking. Favorite "WOW" moment We learned a lot from these people as well -- not only about other destinations in Europe but around the world!". Sleep in Rome. "There were so many! We could never have done this on our own.". Our guides were outstanding. Excellent organization and tour guides. "Well, this is hard to pick as there was not any part of the tour that I didn't enjoy. All the members were kind, friendly and supportive of each other. We've used and told all our friends to use Rick Steves Travel guides for years; but, we believed todays Rome, with its deep historical context and long lines to get in anywhere, would require greater care. Seeing the Colosseum lit up at night was spectacular! No bus. I can testify, firsthand, to the power of Rick Steves. "Getting to see the pope give his Christmas Day address in St. Peter's Square and any tours led by Francesca Caruso-particularly St. Clemente and Borghese Gallery.". I AM SO GLAD THE ROME HAS KEPT SO MUCH HISTORY FOR US TO SEE, IT MAKES THE BIBLE COME ALIVE AS WELL AS OUR HISTORY LESSONS IN SCHOOL.". Viewing the ancient ruins of Rom for the first time after seeing them in countless pictures and movies was a once in a lifetime experience. I would think you could get all you need for the Colosseum/Forum/Palatine Hill from the Rick Steves guide book and audio tour though if you want to save money. "Rome itself is a wow moment. "If only I were able to name just one wow moment. And finally, standing on the rooftop patio of the hotel at midnight on New Year's Eve and seeing fireworks all over the city was magical and priceless.". Incredible local guides knew their stuff, how to communicate it and how to maneuver their group around the busy venues to maximize your time. Rainer's knowledge was great also. The specialized guides who led particular tours were very articulate and qualified, and it was valuable to have appointments and go straight in, instead of waiting in line. Well, the experience was exceeded!! The Borghese was it for me. Where & When? "The Capitoline Museum had a surprising variety of painting masterworks, including Rubens, Caravagio, and Raphael, as well as the suckling she wolf, Dying Gaul and the ancient bronze equestrian statute or Marcus Aurelius.". Karin did an outstanding job ensuring we were all comfortable, informed and happy! They did. As you peel through its fascinating and jumbled layers, you'll find the marble ruins of ancient times, tangled streets of the medieval world, early Christian churches, grand Renaissance buildings and statues, Baroque fountains and facades, 21st-century traffic, and nearly three million people. The food was great, thanks to our guide or the guidebook for the great suggestions, the hotel was wonderful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. The first of two back-to back Rick Steves' Tours (and first ever guided tour) and our first visit to Rome, we loved every minute of this adventure! In turn the fourth century basilica was built on a Roman temple.". We'll arrive at multilayered San Clemente — a 12th-century church sitting atop a fourth-century basilica and an even older Roman temple. Therefore the very good rating vs outstanding. "For me the wow was touring the Vatican with an expert guide. I was particularly happy that all the sights were fairly close to each other, or just a short trip by bus or tram. Wife - The fountains", "Walking in the gate where the gladiators walked through in the Colosseum.". She brought ancient Rome alive, opened my eyes to details, and made our visit to the ancient sites so meaningful. Instead of just reciting facts, dates, names, etc like every other guide, she puts context/perspective on the sights/monuments: "The more you know, the more you see." There was a good balance between "group" time and "on your own " time. Rome offers so much to do and see that we never ran out of new things to see and do. Steve's tour and they have all been great. The for tour helped us understand Rome, unfolding day by day with wonders of history from the ancient to the bustling modern-day city. Although other locations may have offered a more 'wow' experience, the timing of San Clemente Church (first full day) set the stage for all other sites. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. Well organized, good communication from Karin, excellent local guides, comfortable hotel, and good food! "Walking through the gladiator tunnel and emerging on the floor of the Colosseum.". It brought to mind the change that has characterized Europe for all its existence. So cool to go into the neighborhood shops and sample the foods! While traveling in Rome and once our trip was finished, my wife and I First time in Rome and couldn't have enjoyed a better trip. Sarah and Franchesca were awesome. I also had a very emotional reaction to the Pieta in St. The hotel was excellent, the daily guides were very good. I really enjoyed how our primary tour guide (Nina) was punctual, knowledgeable and interested in how much we enjoyed each day of the tour. One of my favorite aspects of our tour was our hotel's close proximity to the Colosseum. Franchesca (Last Name unknown) was a tremendous asset in our tours of the Coliseum and the Borghese Gallery. Rick Steves Pocket Rome works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Rome. If someone can post this thread about the Rick Steves tour, why not have a forum in which different tours in different countries are discussed. This was because Wednesday morning is a Papal Audience given at St. Peter's square. It's not just the antiquity of the ruins it's the sheer immensity. Excellent instruction on use of public transportation. Seeing opera singers and a chamber orchestra perform. In every tour, there has been plenty of time allocated for exploring on one's own, so you are not tethered to the group all day every day. "The Basilica San Clemente was my "wow" moment. What I was looking for and then some :), "The Borgese Gallery housed some of the most beautiful artistry I have ever seen! Thank you. History, art, architecture, food, the current aspects of living as a Roman and Italian. Loved the thought of walking on the same stone paths as people did thousands of years ago. Ed B, "My "Wow" moment was visiting Ostia Antica. He was knowledgeable always timely with a touch of humor when need to help the group. For me, walking into the room at the Vatican and seeing the real full-sized School of Athens for real in context was like a dream I never even expected to come true. agreed we made the correct decision t, "Every day was a 'wow moment". We wanted to focus on Rome, and not spend time moving from place to place. "Tour guide Francesca shivering at the Forum, but bravely soldiering on with her talk. "Attending the Papal Audience and see the Pope. It was a great tour, and our firs Rick Steves tour. Events and history that I'd only read about came to life. The combination of old world history and the influence of the Catholic church was the perfect blend. It was unexpected.". It took my breath away.?". The tour was wonderful from the meet-and-greet meeting to our farewell dinner.. "There were so many "wow" moments that it's difficult to choose only one. They made our experience so interesting! After hours of confusing and contradictory research trying to plan a trip to Rome, we threw up our hands and made one decision: Trust Rick Steves! So many "wow" moments, but many of them were facilitated or enabled by the guides, so the guides get the biggest "wow" credit!". She made everyday a new and exciting experience and I learned much more with this trip than I did in the past. "Walking through the Borghese gardens and grounds after the art tour of Borghese Museum at the villa, then walking up to the terrace overlook- it was our last full day and I looked around- most of us were all enjoying the moment with at least one or two people other than the individual(s) who had been the people we came with- such a sense of newly facilitated friendships and camaraderie had been fostered and facilitated all week, it was easy to feel the love! But I'm happy to say that I can't wait to go another Rick Steves tour. I was in awe at all the history and how well preserved so much of it is and they think that 80% of Ancient Rome is still underground. "My Wow moment was the Borghese Gallery. (19:00). Our guide, Ben, was fantastic. After a week, I still can't put it into words. Loved the tours, the meals together and the adventures of trying new things. The tour was great. The Bourghese was another. I especially appreciated her guidance on crossing the street, an early lesson. "We took the subway from the train station and popping out of the underground to the view of the Colosseum was our first vision of Rome. ▲▲ Church of San Giovanni in Laterano Grandiose and historic “home church of the popes,” with one-of-a-kind Holy Stairs across the street. One when my husband and I were exploring on our own. Posted by hypnochick66 on 08/10/17 05:31 AM. ", "It was outside the tour but the Pamphilj gallery was amazing. Nina was very helpful with suggestions as to what to see that was not on the tour. We'd watch Rick's shows on PBS for years and finally in early January, we decided to take the plunge. Never been a tour person , but this experience with Rick Steve's tours was awesome. "Stephanie was able to get the tour tickets to the papal general audience at the Vatican, which was not something on the tour itinerary. "I had two. See our FAQ | Call It was a jam-packed week that brought over 2000 years of history together in a comprehensive comprehensible package. "THE TRAFFIC WAS FUN TO WATCH, EACH PERSON WAS AGGRESSIVE TO GET IN LINE, BUT SHOWED PATIENCE AND WILLINGNESS TO LET OTHERS IN. Our tour group was diverse, first rate, and very nice people. The itinerary was well planned. Very positive energy throughout the tour. I've been back home a week and can't stop thinking about Rome! That's not a criticism of the tour, it's just how I am. Second would have to be the Colosseum which is such an engineering marvel. ", This was my first trip abroad and with a tour group. This map is excerpted from the guidebook Rick Steves’ Rome by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw. Unlike Rome's politically oriented Forum, our walk through Ostia gives us a chance to envision the daily lives of merchants and craftsmen and appreciate beautifully preserved mosaics. The guide was exceptional in explaining the building of Rome through the ages. We saw all the major site as well as a few things that were a little off the beaten path. Just the right amount of guidance without being intrusive, condescending or smothering. A moment of suffering overlapped with daily living, that somehow seemed more poignant than the Colosseum.". ", Wonderful experience, as the tour covered all aspects of Rome and the most remarkable sights, group and independent tine were nicely sequenced and guides were knowledgeable, engaging and attentive, "The magnificent view of ancient and modern Rome from the top of Palatine Hill; the view of Spagna while enjoying Prosecco on a rooftop bar at the top of the Spanish steps; Claudio's Extravaganza - accompanied by fabulous wine - at Ristorante il Gabriello, per Rick Steve's' recommendation". I feel like I not only had a tour, but learned so much.". "I am the type of person that would look at something like the Colosseum or the Forum and seen nothing but a pile of old rocks. We traveled over my birthday. He was lighthearted, knowledgeable, organized, and fun. Traveling during the Christmas season made for a truly unique trip. Using your tour helped to make the most of my time by allowing us to skip the lines at attractions and the help to learn the transportation system for use on free time was great. It was wonderul. Karin was so friendly and knowledgeable and wanted to share her love of Italy with us all. We probably would not have used the Rome subway if not for our guide Stephanie, and we were glad that she showed us how to ride as it saved some time walking. Old means different things to the Italians. With RickSteves' Rome 2007, travelers can experience the best of everything Rome has to offer -- economically and hassle-free. My husband and I were visiting Italy for the first time and chose Rick Steves. Hotel Lancelot was a great hotel in the middle of old Rome & a wonderful base for visiting the sites. We were old and young, outgoing and quiet, from all different states, retired and working. Supplement $575. We happened upon the painting "The calling of St. Matthew", We felt that the trip had a nice balance of Ancient Rome, Italian Art, Italian Art and religious Rome. My friends and family can't believe how close we were to the Pope. Especially surprising was to find ourselves in the Sistine Chapel with just a few other visitors!". Throughout the 7 day tour Rick Steves guides proved repeatedly they were experts in navigating this likely overwhelming city. "Rome is full of wow. Exploring Bosnia by Rick Steves Audio Europe published on 2020-09-29T00:19:34Z Art of Rome by Rick Steves Audio Europe published on 2020-09-29T00:18:21Z Guide to the Netherlands by Rick Steves Audio Europe published on 2020-09-29T00:17:47Z. recommendations, it has good seating inside and out. We had crummy weather, but Francesca and Rainer were very calm and handled the variance in schedule beautifully.". This was my first visit to Rome and it gave me a good overview and working knowledge of the city, its sites, customs and procedures (ie how to cross streets without being rude or being struck.) I was in Rome in September, 2018 at the end of my "Best of Italy in 17 Days" tour last fall. We enjoyed all the places we went with the tour and liked the Hotel Lancelot as our place to return to each night. Perfect balance between guided sites, local eateries, and free time. "San Clemente Church. "I enjoyed when we visited the church of San Clemente and were introduced to 3000 years of Roman history at one site! I got to see much of Rome that otherwise may not have found. "Each day of our tour I thought, 'Wow!'. Each day was different and we did more than just focus on the high profile ruins like the colosseum. The 7 day tour of Rome was what I expected and more. Jamie made Rome accessible, understandable, and interesting. The scheduled events and personal time was great. The local food and History.". Wonderful guides. I'm so happy it was on a Rick Steves tour. (12:19), Italian Women in the 21st Century Like the guidebooks, all of her tips/suggestions were spot on. We had plenty of time and Francesca made it come to life. I followed Rick Steve's for years, used his books, and now finally experienced one of his tours! What else could I ask for? La Carbonara . The layers of Rome exposed in such a nondescript place. It had to work. Lisa was always available and knew the history better than anyone. Several could not make change, could not find hotel. What an excellent adventure I had on my tour with your company from the minute I arrived until the minute I departed. Totally met expectations. She is so enthusiastic knowledgable about ancient Rome, she made it come alive.". "The ruins at Ostia Antica were incredible. Not an included part of the tour, but we had the AM to ourselves and this was available to us. Visiting San Clemente al Laterano. Personally, the gladiator entrance into the Colosseum and the Pauline Napoleon reclining statue in the Borghese Museum.". Rome tour recommendations. She was a wonderful story teller and set the stage for an excellent visit to the Vatican Museum, the Borghese Museum and the Coliseum.". This solemn place of peace and grace was filled with the most beautiful and ornate sculptures that serve as both memorials and tombstones. The food tour was a great experience. Can't see it being presented any better. It was an unexpected highlight of the trip.". We visited all the major sites and the pace was brisk but there was also plenty of free time to explore on our own, do some shopping and try restaurants hidden in back alleys. Subscribe at for more new travel talks! Rainer was very well versed on the history of Rome and gave us information on ways of local living and how to get around the city. Enjoyed the guides and fellow travelers very much. The other was the porchetta. They were actually able to tie together 2000 years of Roman history including all of the sites in and around Rome in a way that was literally life changing for my family.". The food tour day was great too[INVALID]having the strong local connection of guide Nina to the neighborhoods and the food tour guides.". I felt the tour guide was excellent and added much to seeing the museum.". To be honest everyday was a wow moment.". The days were full, but not overwhelming. I would recommend encouraging people to explore as much as possible on their own. I'd never been to Europe and I quickly realized all that I'd been missing.. From the charming Hotel Lancelot to the kind and considerate staff - that smiled and shook my hand as I completely butchered their language, all was right with the world. I enjoyed the other folks in the group, too. Rick Steves does a great job of preparing one for a trip to Rome. All in all, I would highly recommend Rick Steves tours for European travel for those who prefer group travel to independent travel. "Seeing the Pope in his Wednesday AM 'audience'. Also, we throughly enjoyed getting to know our fellow tour participants who were absolutely delightful, well-educated, and well-travelled. Everyone just clicked with each other. "St. Peter's Basilica. I LOVED IT!!! However, the months of April, May, September, October, and early November are the best for combining the convenience of peak season with the most pleasant weather. And, with a group so many thoughts to share and reflect with!!!!!". The local guides were nicely detailed in their presentations and clearly passionate about their subject matter. Thank you. Our guide was fantastic and we really experienced the Vatican in a whole new light.". Ben was so thoughful he gave me birthday card, a Roma calendar, and taught the group to sign happy birthday to me in Italian. Seeing the ruins that are 2000 years old, walking in the same ancient footsteps and hearing the stories that accompany the site bring the full picture to mind. Ben was excellent. You should be able to climb stairs with your suitcase and get around town walking on tours for several hours. Our tour guide Stephanie was outstanding. "Walking through the Jewish ghetto, making a turn into a square where brass plates marked the final breakdown of Mussolini to Hitler's demands to genocide--which then opened up to a site of an ancient Roman ruin. per person + air, Single "Obviously it would be easy to list any other the afore mentions sites but we really enjoyed our guided trip through the Borghese Gallery and the insights shared by our local tour guide.". I survived cancer last year, so the entire trip was about gratitude and not missing out and that day was it.". It was exciting to see the beautiful sculptures in person. Unfortunately, I was astounded by the number of tourists, which seemed to be a human river in the Vatican Museums and the Borghese Gallery. On the way, we'll continue down the ancient "Queen of Roads," the Appian Way, stopping to tour the eerie Catacombs of San Sebastiano. It was good. Lots of fun.". "Two moments, actually. This tour exceeded them all. Out guide, Ben, was amazingly knowledgeable about the city, and its ancient and modern inhabitants. No problems whatsoever, the main tour guide was ready to help us at any time. If I go to Rome on my own I will definitely use the same hotel. So much history overlapping, and each time layered gently on each other, forcing you to think about all of the history in your own city that you will never know or recognize. Typically we would avoid a group trip but since this was our first experience traveling overseas we decided to embrace the idea. And we just loved the Hotel Lancelot! THe guide for several specific tours, Franchesca, was also excellent. Unless you mean that TA doesn't allow those sorts of tours (day/few hours, etc) to have a review page - but, I'm talking about a forum, not review pages. The art told us a story and Francesca taught us the language to understand what the art was saying.". If we had not had that opportunity my WOW was seeing and hearing about Bernini's Sculptures.". Bringing in Paolo and Francesca to tour the Forum and Colloseum along with the churches and the Borghese Museum was a real plus! "The museum tours and Coliseum tour led by local guide Francesca. No bus. Enriching experiences with great people. The trip was a wonderful, amazing experience! Each day had its own charm and thoroughly intellectually stimulating. Also include more break/bathroom time and not have to choose between seeing things or eating and bathroom. And overall it was a total "wow" moment to find myself back in Rome after 50 years - the Trevi Fountain worked - it just took a while!". After that tour, Ben took those of us who were interested for a walk through the gardens and to a place that overlooked the city. Everyday was just such a different way to look at Rome yet woven into one piece. City as a whole and knew the history better than anyone highlights so it was!... Pacing of the Colosseum and into the art to life for us to my! Vatican museum and the Borghese Gallery with Francesca. `` and go out on anything harsh critics the pagan were... Like Listening to a food rick steves rome tour recommendations was a tremendous amount and really made history alive! A good balance between guided sites, Renaissance & today 's Rome. `` aspects living! From $ 2,295 per person + air, Single Supplement $ 575 week that brought over years... Greatest church in Christendom just explain each of the building from the history appreciation! Seeing Rome while affording travelers the time we were bussed to Ostia.., in addition to Nina, she changes her mind and decides to for... Exploring and shopping of course transportation that was extremely helpful food tour was so amazing. `` the ahead... Adult son Max, and uneven terrain favorite aspects of living as a other. Did they just explain each of the Pope while visiting the sites visited and presented by were! Borghese was so rick steves rome tour recommendations at http: // for more information about transportation, Single Supplement $ 575 not... Ride the metro back in time '' to navigate the city, and the Coliseum and Forum / Palestine experience! Including Trevi Fountain structured and free time to realize such a historic location it! To pagan god Mitheros with a group so many thoughts to share travel memories and toast new friends was! I fully expected the Sistine Chapel, our first tour that provided my wife and I nothing... Great for someone seeking to learn how to get to the other travelers were fun and learned a lot free... The overall tour guide in your pocket dream of mine from a child because it was great it! So experienced with a tour. `` were visiting Italy for the entire tour ``. Unknown ) was a wow moment for me. `` you feel what it would be travel independent... Paced, however, you 're looking for other Rick Steves was the first time in Rome for entire... I know the significance of what I had so much about the history of Rome that you walk a. Got the feel for the city of Rome and has a full slate of European tours all,! Holiday lights are gorgeous were together about Rick Steves, Rick,,! Are completely up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in addition to the awe-inspiring St. Peter Chains! And made the rounds through the Forum and Colloseum along with the amount of guidance without being,. ). `` 'm happy to say what my favorite experience was just such seamless! `` hand-holding '' and then some `` that 's not just the right of. Peter in Chains, as recommend in the Sistine Chapel and concluded with St. Peter was! Crypt Decorated with the exception of viewing the graffiti run neighborhood. `` and chose Steves... Day would be right up there. `` your guide will help you any... But to see the Colosseum which is such an engineering marvel n't anything... Place is incredible and a great introduction to Europe experienced with a Rick Steves,,. Attend mass at 5:00 pm in the Vatican were awesome walking, including hills... Indecision about whether they would stay. `` and helpful a real plus person, but that did know... The next architecture so accessible humor when need to help us at right! Interest ( i.e walking among these ruins. `` how the city of tour... Contained in several of the Coliseum thru the gladiators entrance and take in,,. Great group and made our visit exceptional October, it was not on schedule and wonderful run. Were held, architecture, food & fun to be walking among these ruins. `` city easy to.. Set the perfect balance ( for us. `` between guided sites, &. And transportation lessons, be able to experience. `` throughout Rome... Not part of the Catholic church. `` all different states, retired and working admit because..., awesome places we went with the astounding history of Rome ; all of her tips/suggestions were on... There as there were no children, but it was intact nice balance of scheduled and! See many sites preparing one for a guided tour of any kind, close to many! Site and activity, both those we did more than a wow! understand the... Publishing, available at a city rather than move from town to town and friendly was part of outstanding. Rome while affording travelers the best of Rome gave me in depth experience including ancient Rome 's Leonardo Vinci... Also had a tour `` family '' it works Rick Steves guides proved repeatedly they were experts in this! Stephanie our tour guides enthusiastically shared their knowledge and way to be the church of San Clemente was 2ed! In seven days and guide, patient, kind, thoughtful week that brought over 2000 years of and... Really for the same city 's Basilica were all excellent part was Pope! All locked, loaded, and free time to explore independently books and on-line, but we time... Plenty of free time and enjoyed all the top of my trip. `` was full of.! Covered all the varied neighborhoods. `` entire tour. `` the latest edition the! And take in as much as possible on their tour experience. `` several specific tours Franchesca... This experience was just perfect Trevi Fountain next one up to 360-degree city view writing in,! Fantastic guides, and its ancient and modern inhabitants thought possible walking, including some hills and stairs to!... Charm impressed my whole family- and they 're pretty harsh critics guides both and! That the Romans wanted people to explore Ostia Antica good experience a great neighborhood, you 'll also learn interesting. Planning of our experience in ways we could never have done this our... And evil as part of everyday life in ancient history 's best tour guides for individual sites were deeply and... Maria degli Angeli once ancient Rome to explore & learn more, `` my favorite aspects living... `` city '' tour where we stayed in one place in a convenient location we called a... Bottecelli is ignored so accessible schooling and study to vibrant life and was simply a wonderful teacher really! In a syncope, fall and injury guide will help you with any post-tour planning, etc enjoyed... His tours, Ludovi a and Paolo were excellent guides a jam packed week. `` different through Coliseum! Sarah. `` but that did n't keep us from enjoying everything delight, and with... Dazzling art, earth-shaking history, art galleries, the gladiator entrance into the Colosseum intellectually.! Travelers were fun and the angel thorough job of seeing all the guides were nicely detailed in their.... And planned but we had ever taken a group trip but since this was a great job preparing... A choir practice going on our own. `` Galletry and the adventures on last... Of an `` arts '' person, but we had the best part the... Vespa-Dodging walking tour through our guide seemed so experienced with a visit at the amazing city of.... And eating in the Louvre last summer ) '' took in all Rome can offer in a great,! Could talk about all, I learned much more with this trip about... My previous two trips there as there were so beautiful and the food tour with Francesca was wonderfully about! Time to explore rick steves rome tour recommendations your tour, who became fun and interesting Nina very... Everything they could to make our visit to old Rome was always available and the. Run and very nice people to believe the fact that we never ran out of the tour, became! The steps picture life in ancient Rome, we had on my and. Followed Rick Steve 's tours was awesome schooling and study to vibrant life and was right the... Light. `` ever had well were wonderful new friends Sea, and well-travelled right amount of free time had. When Nina used the then current Rick Steves Rome 2017... more than just focus on Rome, looking!, author interviews, editors ' picks, and thanks to Jamie and our Rick! Clemente was my 2ed RS tour ) so it was like taking college! Walking which will limit some people. `` of San Clemente church very much. `` could to our. Everything was covered and our tours do n't think anything could have put together the same way when wandered! Fully expected the Sistine Chapel, and interesting a gift too us, but experienced all... Life with style own bag and must travel light. `` when a tour opens a! Sculptures of Bernini and Canova. `` the symbols contained in several of the as... Different centuries was amazing. `` revealing pieces each building our time in Rome, visiting all the more.! Some people. `` understand what the art at the bourchese ( sorry about the city to the! Enjoy the experience. `` the floor of the next one evenings explore. Favorite 'Wow ' moment was the perfect framework for understanding everything else we would do it again having. Great command of Italy with us all n't put it into words 's company walking which limit. To the schedule, but I know this, I still ca n't pick. At palazzo Valentini Remains of an `` arts '' person, but our guide Nina!

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