You know you want one! Campfire S'mores in a Waffle Cone! They can also be baked in the oven at 400 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Campfire Cones - If you don't want to deal with someone poking their eye out, make your s'mores in a waffle cone, wrap it in foil, and toss it in the campfire until melted! Fill the s’mores cones with: • whatever your heart desires! Waffle cones; Mini marshmallows ; Toppings of your choice; Directions: Fill cone with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Waffle cones filled with your favorite S’mores toppings and then cooked over the campfire (or on the grill or in the oven) are the perfect twist to summer’s favorite classic treat. Layer ingredients for best results! ice cream cones (I used gluten free sugar cones) Others: You might also love adding caramel bits or bananas or berries. chocolate chips (I used mini chocolate chips so they could fall into all the nooks and crannies) The cones I used in this post were quite small – use bigger cones for bigger appetites! Be creative with a lot of ingredient ideas and let everyone create their own favorite! Add a large Kraft Marshmallow to the cone. Be sure to add these S’mores Cones to your list! It’s like a slightly less messy version of s’mores in a fun cone shaped treat. Food matters. • use long tongs to hold over fire, but not too close • indirect heat works best to melt but not burn Toss in the campfire coals for 5-7 minutes or until everything is nice and melted. I’m getting my face out of my phone. You can use any cone you’d like (although I think waffle cones would be life giving!). Last week we went on a trip to Macinack Island. We stuffed it down a little, since they do tend to grow in the heat. Be careful unwrapping the foil, steam is hot. Campfire S’mores Cone is an easy-to-make, tasty treat that you can now enjoy anytime of the year. Basically, you take everything you can find in your pantry and shove it in a waffle cone, wrap it in foil and throw it on the grill!! Make sure each one is completely covered. Completely wrap the waffle cone in aluminum foil. Instructions Fill each ice cream cone with marshmallows, peanut butter cups, chocolate, banana slices or raspberries. Friendships matter. Let it get nice and melted and enjoy your sweet treat! Cover your waffle cone s’mores in tin foil and place in the fire, the oven, or on the grill. • nuts We are seizing the summer! Yours and mine. We were not patient enough to wait for the bed of coals. Heat in 350 oven or on heated grill for 7 – 10 minutes. Roast over the fire for about 1-2 minutes. ... How To Make Campfire Smores Cones in the oven or on the grill. Depending on the size of your waffle cones, you will need 1/4 to 1/2 cup of s'mores popcorn per cone. Wrap the cone in tin foil and place it on the edge of the campfire (or on a grill). For adults or if you’re doing a camp out with teens, you can actually use some larger waffle cones, you can fit a lot more goodies inside. A fun & yummy twist on traditional S’mores, Waffle Cone S’mores are easy to make over a fire, on a grill, or in the oven! Family matters. The ice cream cone will keep your hands clean and add a sweet, flavorful crunch.This unique treat is perfect for parties and backyard barbecues. Everything was slow paced and just perfect. toppings of your choice (fruit, nuts, candies, coconut, etc). Waffle cones or cake cones . Popcorn is a key ingredient when you make these sweet and salty S'mores Campfire Cones! • candies • fruit Fill ice cream cones with marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and a few toppings if desired. Roast over campfire (indirect heat works best to avoid burning) for about 1-2 minutes or until marshmallows are melted, but not burned. It a perfectly portable snack and not as messy for little hands around the campfire… Roast over campfire (indirect heat works best to avoid burning) for about 1-2 minutes or until marshmallows are melted, but not burned. Chocolate Chips, chunks of your favorite candy bars, and anything else that is heavenly. Let cool, unwrap, and devour! Cover cones completely with foil. And add a little fun and sweetness to your everyday life. 9. Wrap cones in foil. Wrap your sugar cone s'mores separately in aluminum foil. A few tips for roasting: Allow the cones to cook for about 10 minutes or until gooey inside. Your waffle cone cooks in just 90 seconds and it comes with a cone-rolling form. Since no campfire is needed, you can even make this scrumptious dessert during the winter. A bed of hot coals without flames works well to roast these to perfection. Click To Tweet. A perfectly portable summertime snack at home or at the campsite- S’mores Popcorn Campfire Cones! Yummy! Place over a campfire for 3-5 minutes depending on the temperature, or grill for 5-6 minutes, or bake … We attempt to make waffle cones smores while camping. Take a cone and stuff it full of whichever pick-and-mix ingredients take your fancy. Not grilling? You can use any cone you’d like (although I think waffle cones would be life giving!) But what I realized is these are moments and experiences with my family are the ones that I’ll cherish forever. Wrap very well … I realize the irony of this as I am typing and sharing this ‘recipe’ on the internet, but that’s where our friendship is based. Campfire Cones are a fun twist on s’mores, so we like to start with: waffle cones; chocolate chips; mini marshmallows; But there are so many fun ways to mix them up! Jul 17, 2014 - Allow me to introduce you to the best s'mores you will ever try: Waffle Cone S'mores. We are a s’mores family. Whether you favor the classic marshmallow and chocolate combo, or are in the mood to indulge in a new confection, the Cone Fork is the perfect tool for the job. With one bite of their delectable, gooey goodness, it’s easy to taste why. So, I’m popping in here today to share with you a simple, but awesome treat that you can make the next time you and your family head outside for a campfire. Seems pretty obvious, but guys, I just am no longer going to waste my time with things that don’t matter. So genius, and so so good! • mini chocolate chips If you have not tried S’mores in a waffle cone, you, my friend, are missing out! Cover the entire cone with foil. Faith matters. All you need to do is take anything you might want to stuff in the cone and wrap in foil and place on the campfire grill for about 15 minutes until inside is melted and cone is warmed. This s'more alternative is similar to the aforementioned grilled s'mores, but with one key difference: Replace the graham crackers with a waffle-style ice cream cone for a (relatively) mess-free, handheld version. To a waffle cone, add in your desired campfire cone fillings. We love seeing photos of your recipes and how you “Make it with Marshmallows!” so be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Grab a sectioned platter or just small bowls, throw them on a large platter and … Gather around the campfire for scrumptious S'mores Campfire Cones. Then serve in a waffle cone. It’s like a slightly less messy version of s’mores in a fun cone shaped treat. Make Your Own Ice Cream Cones! Wrap cones in foil. Spending as much time by the pool, camping, and just hanging out together. For more fun and festive recipes and crafts go to and follow us on Pinterest! For me, eating these surrounded by my family is living my best life. I found some gluten free ice cream cones as we are still leaning toward mostly gluten free these days. And I LOVE Campfire marshmallows! Chocolate and marshmallow. Have you ever experienced gooey marshmallows and oozing chocolate all wrapped up in a waffle cone? It was so liberating. Waffle cones would be incredible for these! Place in the coals of the campfire for 3-5 minutes or until marshmallows are melted. Campfire Cones are a fun twist on the traditional s’more. 2 Place foil-wrapped cones over the campfire on a grate or near the coals for about 3-5 minutes. 3. S'mores cones. • if using a grate set over fire (see video) turn often and don’t leave over fire for too long. For more s’more ideas, be sure to try these Brownie Cup S’mores or these Caramel Cashew S’mores! There were no cars on the island. S’mores cones! 2. This is a fun recipe for around the campfire! Hi, I'm Campy! Offline. Because you are important to me, too. I am going to be getting outside more with my family and enjoying our time together. This summer is all about living my best life. Layer desired waffle cones with toppings and wrap in foil. Using tongs, carefully place the wrapped waffle cone on the grate of the fire pit or on the barbeque pit. Layer ingredients for best results! These campfire treats are super fun, but you can skip the fire and bake them if you want, for the same gooey marshmallow, deliciousness! What are your favorite camping desserts to make with family and friends? Start a campfire or heat up the grill. Let marshmallows and chocolate melt for 3 to 5 … Campfire Cones are quickly becoming America’s newest dessert trend. Can be assembled ahead of time for a fun treat. Mini Marshmallows. Fill ice cream cones with marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and a few toppings if desired. Just fill the waffle cone with chocolate, marshmallow, and any other ingredients your belly desires. Gooey Delicious S’mores . It’s easier to eat a Campfire S’more than a “normal” one because the cone keeps the gooey, melted deliciousness contained. Play around with your toppings – I used banana, pecans, and chocolate but the possibilities are endless! How to make Campfire Cones? Be careful not to put these super close to actual flames to avoid burning them (we learned from experience!) The photo above gives you an idea of how much dessert the small cone will fit. They’re pretty much one of our favorite summer treats, and a week doesn’t usually go by without having them by the campfire. (use a fork for a slightly less messy experience). • Campfire® Mini White Marshmallows Best ever S'more. • coconut Wrap in aluminum foil. How to Make Crispy Sugar Cones - Ice Cream Cone Recipe - … Fill a waffle cone with candy and marshmallows; Wrap in with heavy-duty tin foil. These Campfire Cones are waffle cones stuffed with fruit, chocolate, and marshmallows, and are a fun patriotic Red, White, and Blue! I’ll be sharing some more from that trip soon (you can see some highlights on my IG stories if you can’t wait). The marshmallows and chocolate chips will be all or partially melted. Here's a dessert hack you don't want to miss: Mix together melted chocolate, marshmallow and crushed graham crackers. 2. mini marshmallows (I used Campfire® Mini White Marshmallows, but the fruity minis would be awesome in these, too!) Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Heat the foil-wrapped cones in a campfire until chocolate and marshmallows are melted, 3 to 5 … Peanut Butter Chips. From recipes and party food to kids crafts and activities, I'm here to show you how to Make it with Marshmallows! Wrap them up in foil  and write names on with a Sharpie if everyone made a different kind. Layer chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in the sugar cones, adding a few layers until your cones are as full as possible. Allow foil to cool slightly, unwrap, and devour! I found some gluten free ice cream cones as we are still leaning toward mostly gluten free these days. We learned the hard way! Fill the s’mores cones with: • Campfire® Mini White Marshmallows

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