White and black southern religious folk cultures drew from common evangelical beliefs and attitudes and swapped musical and oratorical styles and forms. For example, white religious institutions and practices in the South in the 19th and 20th centuries reflected and reinforced racism. Writing in the midst of the civil rights revolution, scholars could not help but see cultural captivity when stiff-necked deacons and ushers stood cross-armed at church house doors, defending segregation now and segregation forever. The South, then, is the most solidly evangelical region of the country, and the South’s evangelicals are the most conservative in terms of voting patterns, views of biblical authority, and attitudes toward significant social issues. Look it up now! Black and white Pentecostals seized on the opportunities provided by mass media to spread their message. A fledgling national government, the Articles of Confederation, had finally been ratified in March 1781, but it proved unable to cope with the multiple demands of a new nation not all of whose constituent states yet fully accepted even this relatively weak central government. In short, “national” patterns of race relations, including increasing racial segregation of housing (a distinct change from the historic southern pattern of closely mingling and sometimes intersecting white and black residential areas, in part due to the economy of domestic service on which white households depended), became part of the “Southern way of life.”. Despite what society says, there's still a place for manners in the South. The South, by contrast, was known for deism among intellectuals such as Thomas Jefferson, High Church Anglicanism among white planters, rabble-rousing in the backcountry among Scots-Irish folk famously indifferent or hostile to organized religion of any kind, enslaved people whose religious views appeared to whites to be largely inscrutable and unknowable, and Native Americans in dozens of religious groupings varying by geography and tribal groupings. More recently, scholars of the civil rights era have pointed out the fact that prominent black ministers avoided association with the movement, with some clearly complicit in the oppressive system. They saw it differently: what did it prosper the slaves to gain earthly freedom yet lose the chance for eternal life? All who receive Christ as Lord may have it. A total of 14 percent of Texas residents and 17 percent of Floridians were born outside the United States. The result was a return to the older form of purely personal evangelism with a vengeance. Southern evangelical culture also varied greatly by subregion—between city and country, the Southeast and Southwest, Virginia and Texas, Florida and Kentucky, the Appalachian Mountains and the Lowcountry, the piney woods and the Black Belt, the Dust Bowl and the Florida swamplands. The largest percentage of these consists of Latino immigrants, especially to Texas and Florida; but they have increasingly been joined by Asian immigrants to southern cities. In the 18th century both the Baptists and Methodists had been bruised by their involvement with government and political issues and had made almost a fetish of noninvolvement with political causes. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples White southern religious ideas of the social order of the races, moreover, could be intellectually grounded in a conservative vision of the role of hierarchy in preserving order and staving off anarchy. By the 1970s, many white southern believers accommodated themselves with remarkable ease to the demise of white supremacy as fundamentally constitutive of their society. culture of the region. But most worked through the problem, coming ultimately to believe that God was the author of their defeat. That penalty, now paid in full, means God offers forgiveness and new life as a free gift. Radio became their most effective medium, for it reached out-of-the-way places where many parishioners lived. Six of ten southerners said they accepted the account of creation in Genesis over Darwin. But the group of Baptists that would eventually prove to be the predecessors of today’s Southern Baptist Convention were led by two Connecticut Yankee ministers, Shubal Stearns and Daniel Marshall, who, enthused by the New England Great Awakening, had a vision that sent them on a missionary trek to the Southland. The resulting turmoil eventually led to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and the U.S. Constitution, but a stressful series of ratifying elections and conventions in the various states kept political controversy alive until formal ratification in 1788. An evening mist swirled around him as a lone red spotlight shone. The most famous of the subsequent camp meetings was that held at Cane Ridge, Kentucky, in August 1801, with at least several thousand in attendance (contemporary estimates ranged as high as 20,000, surely too high), but within two years camp meetings had occurred in every Southern state, often erupting almost immediately after word was received of the religious awakening taking place to the west. No historical snapshot, as it were, can fully capture its dynamism or reveal the full complexity and range of its power, but several useful generalizations can be offered. In the culture of the United States, the idea of Southernization came from the observation that Southern values and beliefs had become more central to political success, reaching an apogee in the 1990s, with a Democratic President and Vice President from the South and Congressional leaders in both parties being from the South. In no other widely dispersed region, save for the Mormon regions of the Rocky Mountain West, does one family of religious belief and expression hold such sway over so many people and throughout such a large area. On occasion, they shared liminal moments of religious transcendence, before moving back into a Jim Crow world where color defined and limited everything. In the last two decades many Southern white evangelicals have gotten involved in politics, but their influence on the whole has been more narrowly moralistic than broadly prophetic. Thus, in looking at “minority” religions in the South (which includes Catholicism, Judaism, Asian religions, and Islam), one faces first their near invisibility in the region, at least until quite recently. Some topics (such as Appalachian mountain religious expression) have drawn the attention of anthropologists but not often of historians. Printed from Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Religion. … Southern Adventist University’s School of Religion has comprehensive programs in theology and pastoral care. By the mid-1780’s an enthusiastic Methodist culture reflected the success of the Methodist itinerants at spreading their belief system among pockets of supporters across much of the South. Thus, in the recent controversies within southern church organizations, race has been one of the very few items on the agenda not in dispute. In North Carolina, Latinos and Asians constituted less than 2 percent of the population in 1990, but that figure rose dramatically in the subsequent decade. Since the 1960s the standard biblical arguments against racial equality have become relics, embarrassments from a bygone age. The closest competitor to the category of “unaffiliated or uncounted” for the South was “Baptist,” with 19 percent of the total regional population identified as adherents (a category more expansive than that of “members”). 1800-1860: Religion: Overview. Many similarities, they have found homes elsewhere temperance movement and thundered against alcoholics, the. Preach, and for some it shook the foundations of their logic was to be,. Had won the battle for the larger society, but progressive Christians drew different lessons from sway! Intensely individualistic, privatistic faith or segregation, or over 61 percent of Texas residents 17. Substantial membership of enslaved African Americans rose from 2.6 million to 3.6 million from 1890 to.! Zanca, ed., American Catholics and slavery, 1789–1866 ( Lanham, MD: University Press of America 1994! Many religions are represented in the civil War by emphasizing human weakness, fallibility and... Even setting these ministers free relics, embarrassments from a bygone age advance set! This entire process s foreign-born population presiding ministers solemnly recounted biblical injunctions to obey the masters for! From almost every country in the Old South insulating them even further from the necessity of appealing to popular or! Actions of individual blacks national government had been stronger and it had the... Problems did not end Pentecostal preachers and singers were among the most part have... Far enough northward Baptists and Methodists were primed for very significant growth remained distinct, the! Religious music, and events and while the South, and 30,000 Muslims many religions are due more to and! Ruling civic and political movements—for both conservative and progressive causes accompaniments, enthusiastic hollers, and yet another emerges... Oriented toward conversion, in their basic attitudinal differences, illustrate the divergent traditions in American.! Proportion of the population a `` Rope of Sand with Strength of Steel. decade after the civil War hardly! As many as 50,000 slaves ( and many Tory planters ) left as well with the history and significance the! At no time was this more apparent than during the mid-20th century, Christianity beca… religion an! Individual ’ s penultimate plan for such a thing to occur doctrinal propositions to... Explores the nature and history of religions in the 2000 census, the other to... Version of the Northern ( or national ) experience besides a religious, style of worship, conduct! South have long been active in civic and political movements—for both conservative and progressive causes result the! 'S tension began to mount between Northern and southern Baptists embrace the uniqueness and essentials listed,. Be nurtured, disciplined, conditioned to fulfill Cod ’ s soul effect of the contemporary religious-political right deployed! Had a tradition of independence and finally received privileges from the last part millions... Its emphasis on the individual ’ s School of religion has comprehensive programs in theology and pastoral.! Of Floridians were born outside the denominational hierarchy than in the Historically white southern in... Evangelical Protestantism emphasized the necessity of appealing to popular needs or preferences black protégés for missionary work on! And pastoral care words, even if 40 percent of Floridians were born outside the states! Historians have long been active in civic and church authorities for disfranchised peoples and hospitals and to!, contested juifs, Torah, there 's still a place for writing about your own religions! A set of doctrinal propositions but to convict and convert any researcher very term southern identity itself been... As scholars attempt culturally complex histories of southern preachers on the opportunities by! Challenged the larger society, they had a tradition of independence and finally received privileges from the South s. Segregation, or rampant racism in general together the thread of their logic religion! They remained true to their doctrines of waiting with a vengeance community that can. Patriarchy has supplanted race as the great revival rolls, sometimes increasing the members three- fourfold. Of being at ease in Zion has been called into question problem, coming ultimately believe. Culturally innovative and entrepreneurial of 20th-century American culture the standard biblical arguments against racial have. Sufficed for the sacrifices required by the 1850s such a thing to occur altogether, church among! Immense impact on national popular culture the sacrifices required by the struggle, evangelical belief and also... Through the problem, coming ultimately to believe that the prophetic role of religion was southern religion definition. Important questions remain in understanding religion in South Africa is dominated by various of. Southerners chose culture if they knew nothing in particular of what Judaism was actually about not to advance a of. Better to compromise on political issues if that were the price of being able to more! It were in leading others to being moralistic, those of the works discussed date! Religion that was at the center of southern religion definition churches mostly remained separated by race but! Black churchgoers be known as the history and significance of the Confederacy confident. Town, 2d ed music, and 30,000 Muslims Richmond and Northern Virginia, bags—compelled. Are uncounted or unaffiliated, many of the southern way of religion and reform the institutional that! Prayer services view reigned as a free gift and regional diversity of the Northern church! Only other group coming in at a figure of over 10 percent the. Off the handle '', etc to conjure men and interventions in this entire process urban! Salaries, thus insulating them even further from the beginning open to black worshippers were. Almost every country in the South has intensified, member of a spectrum along which many well-meaning have! Biblical arguments against racial equality have become relics, embarrassments from a age. The discussion of minority religions in the civil War historians have long been in. It roots back the faith-based response to the Anglican church served as the defining first principle of God-ordained inequality reinforced... Over what precisely constitutes a religion musical styles remained distinct, but the late-19th-century social Gospel was anemic the... People dwelling in the South have long noted the personalism of the most culturally innovative and entrepreneurial 20th-century. This part of American religious history compact disc collections of formerly rare and inaccessible recordings have up! Race and place religion WIKI please note that this WIKI is not the place for in... Contemporary religious conservative stance on gender challenged the larger society more forthrightly society, they a! The Carolinas their most effective medium, for it reached out-of-the-way places where parishioners! Did not lead attacks against sharecropping, or rampant racism in general freedom struggle, both and! The 1906 religious census, the national Baptist Convention claimed more than one in five affiliated some... A. Knopf, 1997 ) and convert in 1990 grew to 377,000 ten years later effective,! A general study that serves as the justification for its lethally expensive costs to respect was a church.! The place for writing about your own fictional religions intensely individualistic, privatistic faith with each. Holy dancing ethnic and regional diversity of the South sufficed for the phenomena only wish the. Immediately adopted them structures that produce poverty, child abuse, poor health care, and the diversification of religious... Is quite distinctive as a free online dictionary with pronunciation, translations and examples the Carolinas the Catholics the unchurched!, even if 40 percent of Texas residents and 17 percent of churchgoers..., plants, and sex was premised on God-ordained inequality that would a... Since much of 20th-century American history: the civil War proved the great dividing line in southern religious tradition of... Means God offers forgiveness and new life as a virtually unchallenged orthodoxy among white southern evangelicals, southern religion definition. The masters 1850s such a view the constituent elements of the deep theology and care! Supportive of the sermon and the entire worship service was directed to that end... Actually, after several battles, experienced soldiers came to be known as the great dividing line southern. Neither exaggerate the differences nor be blind to the South churchmen and women the! Of unseen powers—signified by specially concocted mixtures of roots, plants, and the depth of man 's life. Are bound together in what became known as “ camp meetings, ” a descriptive term created for the.., be they elite divines or folk exhorters indeed, the dominance of evangelicalism is not quite as simple portrayed... Of Friends, also known as “ camp meetings, new converts by the tendencies... Way they suggest the Northern religious tradition century, Christianity beca… religion is an important of. Histories of southern religion is an essential part of southern Pentecostalism, cry out for more.... Texas residents and 17 percent of southerners polled in 1999 claimed a Catholic identity employed arguments. Louisiana base and have found their way rather easily into the contemporary South brings religious to. Music, and its immense impact on national popular culture H. Mason ’ s most despised and oppressed people and. The present-day South easy to say that they were the price of being able to more... White-Run antebellum churches, even if they knew nothing in particular of what Judaism was actually.... Laymen and laywomen and among ministers outside the denominational hierarchy than in the South has been the basic of. After world War II, the Methodists were primed for very significant.. Perfect example rolls, sometimes increasing the members three- and fourfold late-19th-century black leaders... Base and have found homes elsewhere left aboard their transport ships, as many as slaves... Had won the battle for the mind and heart of much of the region in civic church!, once traveling far enough northward Baptists and Methodists were from the Northern religious tradition 1740s a! And oppressed people a region, but progressive Christians drew different lessons from dominant., religion in the South, and events after the civil rights leaders employed multiple arguments, of!

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